Saturday, May 30, 2009


Good morning. My last post was cut short because we lost power. I think threre might have been an accident somwhere close. So,I just went to bed early again last night. Theres nothing for me to do. I just run out of things to do. Then all that is left is to just sleep. This entry is really the ending of yesterdays.On my left heal, the bed sore, I think they {doctors} found the right medicine because it's starting to heel up. Which is great. I'm still coughing that "that squeecky" tight cough. Its starting up again. Who knows, that one "feeling" could be apart of this as well. when I get in bed, that softball in a sock feeling feels like my lungs and heart are just hanging and swaying, and it hurts. My head nurse didn't come this week. I still don't know what to think of new agansey {SP} I'm going through. I wish I could go back to my old one. I can't believe that they just dropped all of their clients that have wagers, which include the that really have no one else to turn to. That upset me. This is about all for now. I really do hope that all of you are doing and feeling better. :o) Because this stuff is for the birds. :o) lol


Gerry said...

You know what, I think that lady with fire coming from her eyes and lips illustrates you somehow. Your passion for life never dies no matter what is going on. I am sorry that you are still feeling so uncomfortable in your lungs. But glad the sore is healing. I am sorry you are still in bed. I wish you could just throw all of this off and feel good again, but you are very courageous no matter what, and that always gives me a lift. It's just you. Gerry

Amanda said...

((((((((((((LISA))))))))))))))))I want you to know,I always praying for you and your friend Gerr is right,you are courageous and you live life to the fulest with a smile on your face,it shows when you are around your famil and Grandbabies.Love you.