Friday, May 29, 2009


Good Afternoon. I do wish all of you well on the gorgiues {SP}Day. :o) My computer comitted suicide 2 days ago. I'm using my laptop for now. :o) Ok...I've said this before and am now getting told that after I got out of the hospital, I haven'tal been the same. I do my breathing treatments and listen to what I'm suppose to do. Also, still seems like I have a ways more to get better. Well, at least I think. I Got out on Easter Sunday. I should have lisntened to my doctor. If I do go back in, this time I'm not leaving until "all of me" feels right. Now, I've got this new thing going on "in" my left side. It's kind of hard to explain. Here goes: When I'm getting in my bed, I have to crawl...and each time I feel thing the same thing. I feel "something" inside, like a soft ball size in a sock or somthing that size. So, when I'm getting in bed, I feel this "thing" just

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