Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hey all! I hope you are doing great today on this beautiful day. :o) It's raining here, but I like it when it rains. I'm just weird like that I suppose. lol I have been pretty sad lately. I have enough things on my plate to worry about, and I didn't need that dumb nurse kick me while I'm down. How profressional is that? What a bitch she is! I just didn't need it. And of course, almost 98% of eeverythindg that I have flares ups and gets worse when I have alot of stress. I'm all flared. And misserable. My hands and feet will never get better. Ick! I haven't been able to unload my camera onto this laptop because I don't know how. I have since May! bummer. I think I just need someone to come over and help me with my computer. get it up and running and then put this one away for a well needed rest. All day yesterday my left thigh had this hudge cramp in it. Man it hurt. I tried to rub it out my self, but I couldn't. So I just had to sit with a hudge balled up muslce. I'm sure the stress had something to do with it. The fibromyalgia monster got me....aaaahhhh! Oh..the name of whats on my hands and feet is Dyshidronit. Its so gross too! Ick! And another thing thats been decided upon as well, I'm to have a care giver in the evening and through out the whole night! To stay the night! They don't want me to be alone then either. Maybe the C.O.P.D. and heart stuff happening. I am now officially Home bound. Bummer! I don't know what to think anymore. I just hope the people that keep visiting me, will continue. I so despredly in need of adult convesation. And I've been getting those free catalogs so I have something to read during the day. I want to get ahold of my sister to see if she would like the job. I don't want a stranger in here. I know I coldn't sleep at all then.All of this, and not including the nurse, has been a bit over whelming. I guess thiss is it. Have a good one! Lisa


Arlene (AJ) said...

Lisa, we've been away for a while, so read all your posts to update myself. Sorry you are going through so much dear. Hope it works out that you can get your Sis to stay with you at night. Just take it one day at a time and try to keep yourself update and stress free. Like you, I always have loved rainy days.

Merry'sthoughtshopesdreamsandshemes said...

I haven't read your blog for a while. But I have thought of and prayed for you.

I am so sorry you have even more health problems.

And I feel for you having to have a nurse. Makes me thik of having a babysitter! Who likes that? But the state must be thinking you need that care. Why can't your husband count as your night care taker? I am praying for you, friend. Anytime, you want a friend I'm here for you! Merry

Gerry said...

I say that it is better for you to have a night nurse than nobody, and it might not stress you as much as you think. It might give you a little relief. The medicine for your hands sounds very strong, but maybe that is what it is going to take. I wish I could just drop in and see you, but I was glad to hear from you and know that you are still struggling to post. Gerry

Connie said...

Hi sweets.Thanks for your Anniversary wishes.I was blown away hearing from you.I know you don't feel well enough to be on here for long.I wish there was a miracle that would make all your illnesses dissapear.
It always astonishes me how someone as sweet as you suffers so and there are bad -nasty people out there that walk in health and spew their nastiness everywhere...tis unfair..Luv ya bunches.....

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