Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The above pictures are my grandson and. He wanted to dance like they were on t.v. So I showed him. :o) He told me thanks grandma! lol He's my little man! :) I woke up this morning and my tailbone was just killing me. I didn't think nothing about it. lol...I thought I slept wrong. Well...I don't think so. I called my aide that is coming today to let her know. As I was on the phone, I noticed how swollen it was! Dammmm! I told her that and she said that she's going to take me to the ER when she gets here. Because we all know that they're going to take a spinal tap. Yikes! The last one I have I didn't feel it because my whole body was numb. I'm going to cross my fingers,eyes and toes. I just can't believe this is happening all over again. I hope they find something. Well, I've got to end this....I'm really in alot of pains. Bummer. IF I HAPPEN TO GET ADMITTED, I'LL HAVE SOMEONE LET YOU ALL KNOW WHATS GOING ON. {{{{{{{{to everyone}}}}}}}}}}, lISA


Arlene (AJ) said...

Thanks for sharing the piictures of your grandson and you dancing. Hope that didn't add to your pain dear. Take care.

Sugar said...

dear lisa, haven't heard from you in sooo long. you know i don't get your blog updates...haven't since coming to bloggerville. PLEASE email me update alerts when you post & i'll come visit (if i can).
pics are adorable. :)
prayers for you dear, hoping all is ok.
huggies & God bless...

Gerry said...

And he will alwys have that memory of Grandma dancing with him. So cute. Gerry

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