Monday, August 3, 2009

I'm very scard.

I havent been able to post ictures lately becuse of this laptop. But at least I have something to communicate on. I really need to talk to you all about something that happened to me this morning. I've been taking baths because its so much more esier on me. I 've {For the last 3} been takenig, everything has been fine, a bit scary but fine. I'm geting to it...As I stood up from my shower chair,a whole lot of blood just gushed out of me! No, I don't have a period any more, I had to have sergury because of having cancer/indometrosis! I was 23. I'm 45 now.It felt like a whole scence frome the movie Carie. I did the best I could to up.I knew my home health aide was coming today and I could wait on her to get me all fixed up the best sShehe could. She took a look and on the insides of both legs I have big blisters from my fat forrowat thighs rubbing together!The fact of just hearing this made me nausious.My nursse is coming tomorrow,and I know I will be helped. I'm just beside myself right now and my lifeis in a whirlwind. I've been shaking and having a hard time breathing today.I worry too much. So, the blood has to come from some where thats in there. Oh God I'm scared! The pictures above are my litttle pills. the help me feel good about things, especialy life. I need to go now. I love each and everyone one of you! :o) Lisa


Arlene (AJ) said...

Lisa know you are concerned and scared, glad your nurse got to see this, could possibly be bedsores from having to sit or lay versus being up on the inside of your legs, your nurse is aware of the bleeding, and will see that you get the right care and help for this dear. Know the kids are indeed a big, happy pill in your life. Hang in there.

Gerry said...

Oh goodness, I am sure you are scared and worried as who would not be with so much going on. You are being very brave. Always remember that. Nobody could be braver facing all these traumas. The photo of the two boys together is especially adorable. You always have love in your heart for your family no matter what, which I admire you for. Gerry

Sugar said...

ty for sending an email update, it's the only way i know when you post.
wonderful pics!
sorry to hear you're having more problems. hope the nurse sorts it all out for you to ease your mind.
if you've been following me, you know i've been having problems too. grrr seems it's one thing or another doesn't it?
may God bless, have you in my prayers.