Tuesday, May 12, 2009

~Now" MY "fire

Ok...I didn't have a major house fire. Thank God for that! This whole situation, to me, does NOT make any sence. 2 nights ago I was in bed asleep, I felt a bee trying to sting my foot....in a dream I was having! So I was moving my foot back and forth to make it go away. My bed was on fire and it was just my top sheet and my qulit! When I jump to get out of bed, I threw the covers that I had over the fire. My smoke detector went off and Jim was on his way to my bed room. I was getting cups of water to throw on it and trying to smother it, and it all took the fire down. The mattres wasn't even bothered?! I have no idea as to how it started and all of the other "unexplainables." The picutes I'm posting is of the only burn/injury that I substained. I dropped to the floor and thanked God for sparing me in that horrandes fire. I'm so jumpinenger then before and I haven't stopped shaking since then. The picures show alot but to see my burn is bad. It's deep. I called my doctor to get some medince for it. Because she said she wouldn't give me any until she "sees" me! I'm half tempted to just show up there and make her see me. Ok...on with more photos:


Gerry said...

The last time I was here your comment feature was not there, but now I see it is back. I was shocked to read you had a fire in your bed. The burn looks bad, especially for one with such fragile health. I bet you were pretty scared, but you have probabliy been scared a lot with all that is happening. Thank goodness you woke up before worse occurred. I mentioned you in my blog yesterday and will have to tell them now to check this entry. I can't think of a worse thing than to wake up with the bed on fire. But I am glad that you are able to post an entry. I hope for fast healing. I noted that one of Connie's blogs, Connies Photos and Things does not show a feed like yours had not been doing. Her Windswept Whispers do show one. So I just keep checking on your blog. My word, something is always happening to make me jump. Gerry

ADB said...

Gerry pointed me in your direction.

You scared me.

Put nothing on that burn other than what the doctor prescribes.

Quit smoking. Period.

Sorry to be so harsh, but do chase that doctor. If necessary, go to the ER. That burn needs treatment NOW.

Chrissie said...

OH MY GOSH.. I'm glad you woke up. Yes get looked at by the doctor or it will lead to infection.
Sorry I'm not around much I don't read blogs anymore. I don't even have time to write in mine. Life is crazy at the moment.
Sometimes I think it would be easier to tape a video entry and post it.
Take care, Chrissie

Sugar said...

sorry to hear about this, gerry emailed & let me know, as i haven't gotten any update emails from you lately. i emailed you a couple times but get a reply from you. :(
the pic looks awful & burns can be sooo painful. do take good care so it doesn't get infected.
wonder how it started? do you have an elect blanket or heating pad in use?
hugs & prayers...

Arlene (AJ) said...

Lisa could you have been smoking in bed and not remembering you did. Sounds like the possible cause, you were one lucky lady as was DH, you could have had a real mess and tragedy. Please go and see the doctor, get your appt. made and have that checked out so you can get treatment for it dear.

Robyn said...

Scary!! You need to get that burn looked at make your doctor see you! I am so glad that it didn't spread and you weren't hurt worse! Please if your smoking in bed. STOP! I worry so much for you hun and am so relieved that you were woke up and able to stop this before spreading! Let us know what the doctor's say about the burn. It does look like you need something to put on it, but I would definately not do anything until a doctor was seen.
Hugs & Love to you!

Robyn said...

Hey hun just checking in to see how your doing?? Did you get a doctor to look at your burn? How is it healing? Thinking of you and hope you have a great weekend! Hugs

CINDY said...

that is an awful burn. i hope it's feeling better. thank god you woke up.