Monday, May 18, 2009

hELLO...GOOD AFTERNOON.This is sort of a "touch base" kind of entry. My hands get all cramping. And when my daughter wants to talk to me she texts me. I just end up calling, makes my hands feel better. :o) On Sunday, dh took me out to Wal-Mart. Thats the second time I've been out of this house just this year. 3 if you count the hospital. We spent 2 hours in wal-mart! And he didn't do no growling either. :p I had my list and it took me all that time to find them. I guess you could say it was sort of like a treasure hunt. LOL Oh about my doctors appointment last Friday...I wanted my home health aide to go with me, because it's getting harder for me to talk anymore, she was my voise. She also has a better vocabulary then I do too! LOL I want to make thid short...The burns are 2nd degree burns, my left heal doesn't look good at all, pretty much have to look at it all the time to check on it, not good at all. I'd be very surpised if it does heal. My hands are getting so much worse. This time around it's my right hand thats the worse one. A big OUCHIE! The doctor just about fainted when she seen all of the things that I was trying to discribe to her on the phone so I could get in to see her sooner. And the main thing that made sit down while having her nervoise breakdown, was that I take insulin shots! Now see, I assumed she knew all of this and had my records from the hospital. That appointment went very good. I got all of my scripts, and maybe she'll understand that I'm not messing around when I tell her about something wrong. My son come in today. :o) He had his work cloths to wash and he wanted to take a shower as well. I Ordered take out and it was so nice to visit with him. :o) I really need to go. hands are killing me. gggrrr. Giving hugs to all of you! And My ciggs. are on the back porch. :o) Gods Blessings to all! ~~And this is what makes me happy! Just to dance.


Arlene (AJ) said...

Lisa, can't read this with the black and blue, doubt anyone else can also. Hope you are doing alright your way.

Gerry said...

Yes, what with insulin shots for diabetes this burn will have to be watched closely all right, but what a bad fright you must have gotten. That was a waking nightmare. I just went to Walmart, too. I love their prices and Doc got his HD-TV which I like to watch, too! I will be scared to come to your blog if anything worse happens. I jumped when I saw that fire story! Gerry