Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Update from hospital

This is Lisa's daughter Nena using her laptop from the hospital. She had her lung biopsy this morning. So far, doctor hasn't came back with any results. The reason she had to get a lung biopsy is because they found black patches on her lungs. She has been breathing so much better now. She also hasn't had a cigarette since Thursday when she got admitted. YAY! She said she is DONE SMOKING!! :) Kudos for her! She is so thankful for all of your concerns and prayers. She has been using a nebulizer & has breathing treatments every 4 hours/day. Thanks to those treatments, mom is sounding & feeling A LOT better. She is not expecting any cards or gifts. All she wants is all of your prayers. There was definitely an angel watching over her on Thursday. She said once she pressed her button to get the squad to take her to the hospital, they said there was already laterone on their way. That is fate right there! My turn to thank you. :o) I've been in this hospital since Thursday without my computer! I was having withdraws. lol. I was and am having problms typing as well. I do feel so blessed to have my life! I would hhave been died within two weeks. They're really taking great care of me and it takes alot for me to say that about this hospital, they've kept me! :o) I'm going to have to write more at another .


Gerry said...

Glad to read a posting by two of you. I am so relieved you are in a hospital and getting good care, as you have struggled through so many crisises at home and a good deal of the time alone. Hoping for your recovery soon. You sound better!

Arlene (AJ) said...

Thanks Nena for letting us know how your Mom is, just so glad that she got to the hospital for treatment and hope the biopsy comes out with good results for her. Give her a hug for me. She's in my prayers always.

Dirk said...

I think I really need to get in the habit of clicking on journal titles for the latest updates!!! I clicked on the link in Call for Support & of course didn't see this post. Thanks for the update Nena, & really glad you're much, much better. I'm also really glad that you're through with cigarettes. I lost an aunt to cigarette smoking, so I'm really happy when I hear about someone quitting. Just stay done with them, OK???


Robyn said...

Thank you Nena for updating us! I was praying for her and hoping to hear she was doing better! WTG on not smoking, I need to quit badly! I am so happy that the hospital is taking good care of you and that the breathing treatment's are helping you feel better! Please keep us updated hun! Happy Easter to you and your's! Love and hugs being sent your way!

ladymagnolia said...

Hi Nena,

My name is Donna & I am new at visiting your Mom's journal. I wanted to come by and wish your family a happy Easter.

I will lift up your Mom in my prayers. I pray all will be of a good report with the lung biopsy. The hardest part is the waiting. I pray you have peace & comfort in this time.

I hope to hear a good report soon.


Connie said...

Oh Lisa-glad you are doing better.Hun-Hubby and I quit cold turkey about 8 years ago.I was smokin 4 packs a day and it was hard and I still crave one when I pissed off but I feel better and breathe better..life is precious..do all you can to not pick up one or you'll be back to smokin them cancer -sticks..ya know I luv ya...