Monday, April 13, 2009

I'm out for now.....and a surprise! :o)

Hello. I do hope that you all are well. :o) I'm finally home! The doctor left if up to me, if I felt strong enough on the inside as well as out. I did take my lap top with me. I used the phone's cord that was on the desk mext to me. :o) For what I wrote the last time, it took soooo long! do you want to know whats going on? :o) Ok, for Thursday, I really don't remember what was going on because I was just in and out of it. I'll go on what I was told. First, the doctor thought I had a stroke, because of my body and head has just been leaning to the left. Odd. I had a ct scan and I did it with my coughing so bad, <---{An mri} After all of those tests, They were keeping me in the part of the ER thats for the critical. I DIDN'T want to keep it from my elde " /> a href="<00-h/IMG_1017.JPG"> r friends. I was finally admitted in. I did know what my x-rays and ct were showing. I had a chronic case of pnemiomnia and bronchistis. My lungs had "black patches" on them! eeww! So the next morning I was in for this procedure where he put this little down mynose and into my lungs. They were giving me all kinds of medicine to put me to sleep, but I was fighting them off of me! LOL :o) Oooopsie! It only took about 15 minutes wth me fighting him! I was just in shock about the whole thing. Just glad it's over. I mean, I actually got a doctor that worked with me on all of this. I also think I came home too early as well.I have a pulmanry doctor, a lung docoter and the nebulizerm for breathing treanebts. I Love it. They sent me home with the little machine. But Im still going to keep all of the old tubing etc...that I used while I was there. Anyways!!!!! I'm sorry, I'm going to have to use the other choice. . Now I really need to go...the 11 0'clock news is on.LOL :o) I'll return soon.


Gerry said...

Well, I am so glad you have been getting some help on what is going on with you. What are doctors for but to help those who are experiencing severe stress as you obviously were. To think you got someething that would relieve some of it. It just seemed like medical people were not taking this serious enough. I am glad they finally did, and you sound happy, too. Few people would be happy in the condition you are in, but you are an unusual person. The kids look so cute. I was so glad to read what you had posted, as I thought you were going on a long time without any word. Gerry

Sugar said...

glad you're home & doing ok.
have had you in my prayers. :)
since many (most) of us don't get your updates, maybe you could do like the private blogs, & make a mass emailing (of your followers) & send ec time you make a new post?
God bless you my friend.