Thursday, April 30, 2009

Photobucket Just a few words. I'm still weak and I don't get on the computer very often at all. Not like me. I've been busy getting used to this new agancy that I'm going with. They're from the hospital. I know, that doesn't make it any better either. :o) I'm just telling myslef that. lol :o) Somebody does come everyday.'s to the point to where I had no idea who was who and for what! So I asked if they could please write their names down and what day they're here. I'm so grateful for having them come here to my own home. I'm just having problems with my hips and legs. This morning when I woke up, my left side of my face was numb! I looked in the mirror to see if their were any damage. I was really hoping it was a spider bite, or somthing like that. Photobucket My home health aide comes tomorror. Yay! :o) We have fun together. It's dh's cousin. She comes on Tuesdays and on Thursdays. I got off track again....I'm trying to catch myself doing that. :o) Photobucket My nurse this morning took alook at me and said to make a doctors appoinment. But don't worry about now. And to go get and bed and rest! Oh Sure...I can rest?! I don't think so. lol I know what I need...I don't need to be in that stupid bed all the time. What I need is to see my daughter and my babies! :o) They can heal me. lol My son has been coming to town everyday this week and of course he cheers me up too. lol Photobucket The first night that he came over, I was up watching t.v. with my lights off. All of the sudden, my door s l o w l y crept open and it was him! Whew! LOL He scared the crap out of me! LOL I told him to come on in so he could get cooled down. It's so good to see him doing so much better now too. So at nights, I'll listen for him. :o) He's come all but one. He has asthma and I worry about him when it gets humid and hard to breath. He was a baby when he was diagnosd. Photobucket Here lately I've been staying up watching those old movies again on TCM. Even the silent ones. Those are my favorites because they had to really make their face and body so believable to get it across to the audiance. Now thats acting. :o) I suppose I'm done talking. S0.....thats, thats then! :o)


Lisa said...

Lisa, your grandsons are so beautiful, you are in my prayers , Hugs Lisa

Sybil said...

Hi Lisa, I am sorry that I coud'nt see the I can ust use my imagination...I have a lot of that!!! I know that if they are anything lik eyou they will be gorgeous. I do hope that you can see them one day soon. It has been great that you have seen your Son this week. Hope your face is better this morning...maybe you had been sleeping heavily on that side of your face ?
Much Love Sybil x

Pamela said...

I agree with you that seeing your babies is a healing thing. I always cheer up when my son is around. I know what you mean. Keep an eye on the facial numbness. If you notice anything else get to the Doc, ok?
Have a good day.

Nancy said...

Cute grandsons! No, do not wish for a spider bite, my daughter was bitten last summer and took 4 months to recover!!!!!!

Arlene (AJ) said...

The grandkids are so adorable, you're blessed to have those little ones to enjoy for sure. Just take it one day at a time dear, you're in my thoughts and prayers.

AGirlNexDoorCreation said...

Hope you are feeling better will be keeping you in prayer! I bet that did scare you when your son opened the door LOL...good he is keeping an eye on you!

Maria-K. said...

Hello Lisa,
Your grandkids are so cute and I can totally understand how they make your day! I am glad to hear you get some help and that it makes things a bit easier on you. You just keep your faith and your love. Enjoy your loved ones. Hugs, Maria

CINDY said...

those boys sure are getting big. my computer crashed but 200.00 later it is working again. yippeeee.
Cindy xoxo

Merry'sthoughtshopesdreamsandshemes said...

Lisa, Well, I wonder, if you don't get to move much, of course you are going to lose stregnth. I understand you have big limitations, but Man this sounds like you are being told to get on your bed and that's no life, I don't know your details, but by what you write, this bothers me. I am so sorry it doesn't seem like your Mom has stood by you unless I missed something. I have a new grandchild I think I told you, born Jan 2. Patti, Tim, Jack (almost 2 & Joey are coming the day BEFORE Mothers day.. (never come here the actual holiday day.)I am not whinning, I am stating a fact... but listen take care, smile, and post when you can, because I do want to know how you are!

DB said...

Hi Lisa. My grandmother was a silent movie actress. She taught me things about acting.

Nice and easy. One day at a time. One step back, two steps forward. Hope to read that you're getting better. DB

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