Saturday, April 25, 2009


Good evening/morning to you all. I hope everyone and their families are doind doing well. :o) I had all of this stuff I wanted to write about, then I forgot all of it! gggrrr. Oh well, it might come back to me. Did you even know that my mom still doesn't know what all has happened to me and why I was in the hospital. I just really need to talk about it. /she doesn't even know I had a tia stroke, pnuemonia, bronchitis and black patches filled both lungs. I lost 10 pounds though!! Yay! :o) How? I have no idea! lol My lungs are fillind up again. It also looks as though as my body is swelloning again.

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Gerry said...

Oh oh. I hope that your lungs aren't doing that again! But you sound so much more cheerful, I think because you got good care. You amaze me all the time, posting jokes and still feeling like hell and cheerful! Well, I guess you are one of a kind! Gerry