Wednesday, February 25, 2009

**********I GOT AN AWARD********** YAY! :o)

I'm so happy! I got an award! :o) Thank you so very much Sugar It's called, "Look How Cool Blog!" I'm suppose to pick 8 people as well. :o) Ok...I do know who I'd like to give this award too, but I don't know all of your addresses yet. :o) I'll do my best. :o) 1. Katie....From (I hope I get this right) Turn the page 2. Gerry...From daughters of the shadow man 3. Connie...For the life of me, I can't think of her blogs name. You send me house mouse! :o) 4. Donna....From _____and a little bit of hockey 5. Kath.....From My Simple ryms 6. MJ.....From ________...She has MS as well. Again, I have a mind block right now. 7. Allison....From...LOL...I'm so sorry...Your Uncle is Phil the thrill! :o) 8. The beautiful Indigo! We all know who she is! I think she has touched eceryones heart. I know she has mine. :o) Ok....Now they have to come and pick it up and chose 8 of their favorite writers. :o) This was so fun! I really don't get awards! :o) Thank you Sugar! :o)


Cathy said...

Lisa so sorry but I couldn't see your post, it was just all blue with no typing shown through. Whatever award you got, I know you deserved it!! Congrats.

Gerry said...

Thank you so much Lisa. Mary put me in touch with Sugar's need for books because she has to stay-in so much, so I am having fun looking for books for her from my thrift store. I have contacted her quite a bit with requests for support of someone ill or something. I appreciate her concern for those who need a special cheering up. I have not been able to get here for a few days, but here I am to see how you are doing. I will read on.

DB said...

Lisa, congratulations on your award. It's always good to be appreciated by people. DB

Amanda said...

((((((((((LISA)))))))))))))))Congrats on getting the award.

It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

You so deserve this award and thank you so much for thinking of me. Take care of you my friend,

Sugar said...

yw for the award dear one. sorry, i don't get by more...but for some reason can't get your aslerts. grrr
i try to remember to check on you at least weekly, but my memory is not what it once was.
have a good wkend.

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