Monday, February 23, 2009


Hello! I hope that everyone is doing/feeling fine. Here the sun is out and it is 22 f degrees. bbbrrr! But it's still beautiful out. Well, I feel stuck again, "a gray" area. I hates those and the brain farts! Ok...thats getting alot wores. My memory is really bad. I'm not talking about I misplaced my keys, I'm talking about It's gone and it doesn't come back. No matter how hard I try. My family has been helping me out with this new problem. I have more new things going on but I forgot to log them. like my vision. Everything is getting blurry. My eyes weren't very good to begin with, and now this. The palms of my hands are very red and they really hurt. That makes it hard for me to use my cane and my walker. It's everyday now that I shake. When I was at the ER last week, the docter was asking me questions. My shaking was doing its own thing and he asked me a question and he looked up at me and he thought I "noded" my head no! The grip in my hands are so much worse. I don't know how many times a day that I'm droping and breaking somthing. Now its an everyday thing like the shaking. bummer. I've also been folling asleep in the middle of things. I'll just be siting there and I go to sleep. Thats apart of one of my sleep disorders but even that is worse. My head still feels "funny" after that sezure I had. I'm expecting another one. bummer. I've been having my family members to do the 13 animals. I haven't been able to do it anymore. Something is wrong. I've been very sensitive latetly. I'm greiving my losses. There are alot of them and also some new things coming on. Like I've been having panic attacks. Dh will give me a hug and talks to me in a low voice to try and help me. It does help me. When I have them during the day, I take my nerve pills my doctor gave me, and those help as well. The reason why I call them my nerve pills, is beacause of the stress I was under and she wants me to now use them as needed. After I take one, I lay down and I get better faster. I've been having these migranes lately too. The migrane pills take them away, but I'm wondering why I've been having them. Oh well...I don't think I really want to know. My sugar levels have dropped! Yay! Instead of the readings being 398 and at times higher. That pill really works. My sister was just diagnosed with the same as me, type 2, and is on the same pill and it helped her too. :o) Thats a good thing. My hands are weak so I'm going now, bye and have a great day and do something that will make you laugh!


Sugar said...

girl, i still can't get your alerts thru dashboard or google reader. grrrr
i stopped by to see if you got your award & passed it on.
i really like this template for your blog. however your posts are still being cramped all the way to the left & your side bar is still more in the middle. gotta be a way to correct that.
cold weather is still hanging around many places, but hopefully warm temps will be here in another month. ;)
i have memory lasps, you may recall me talking about them before. also of my eyes getting so bad, & of course the shaking but not my whole body just my arms.
yours is prob progessing ms, mine they have no ideal.
wishing you lots of love & laughter.
sending up a prayer for you too.

ps tell blogspot about many of us not getting your most recent posts on dashboard.

Gerry said...

Hmm, Oh you have so much fortitude to be recording what you are feeling now. I really love and respect you for doing something that is rarely done, letting people know exactly what is taking place in your mind as your symptoms progress. People really can learn from this, and at the same time, your spirit still manifests, still registers, and I have no doubt will continue to do so until the end of time, our time. I feel humbled reading what you are faced with at this point in time, every day. And I continue to marvel that you are still doing it. You have now become a stable person in my life, that is you will always be there as long as you live and continue to function well enough to record. Gerry