Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day/more summing up

How is everyone today? It was nice and warm here for a few days...then BAM! It's cold all over again. And it's been wreaking havic on this poor old body. Ok. Through alot of my comments, I was asked if my son and I have had any psychiatric help. Yes, of course! I'm glad you asked, but in my mind, thats one of the top things to do. When I've written in this, i've always said that I don't say everything that does happen in my home. Concider that. I guess after this long writing, maybe I've felt I could tell a bit more. And I have. This is great therapy for me. My son did things as well to keep his mind occupied. My daughter knew that her brother was going through stuff with his biological father, but didn't know what. She was wway too young. She also took notice at what happened to her brother if he "DID" something wrong. Tough Love classes said to take away ended up to where he only had a mattress and a pile of close in the middle of the floor! He had to earn back everything. He didn't care, so his room was completly striped. Those tough love classes were so very hard to listen to and do as well. Well of course he did earn everything back. It took awhile though. Yes, I went to counseling. And no, just because I'm home alone all day doesn't mean that I'm dreaming things up. I "sit" here in my house alone, but I talk to my friends on line. And its uplifting to me. There are bad days for me and they are coused by the different pains I have everyday. Which I'll have for the rest of my life. I'm Lisa and I have fibromyalgia and MS. I'm not MS and fibromyalgia with Lisa. It may come across that way when I'm writing in this, and I really hope not. But when I do talk about my illnesses, thats it, I'm talking about my illnesses. Plus logging things. I have to so I can go back to look things up. Thats really helped me out alot. So I really do need to log, even though most of you think I'm depressed, have a bad attitude, and just a very down person that likes to write very down and depressing things. So far from the truth. I don't know of any other way to write what I have to say about my health. Plus, it just might help someone else. I pray it does. Ok....moving on now. :o) Nena and my grandbabies were here all week in the evenings. Her husband works 3rd shift and shes still having alot of problams sleeping at her house sine the fire. And then a few days after that fire there was another one around the corner from her and she knew the girl. So now she has that one as well. Kayden, my oldest grandson also does not want to be there at night. For him, it might be because it happened at night, I don't know. So...they come over here when her husband goes to work to spend the night. Plus, I feel safer that they'er here! :) So during the day until about 3 and then when she comes back around 7:30 she and those boys keep this old body busy! lol On the weekends she stays home, because her husband is there. :o) For Valentine's Day, I got 2 cards and 2 boxes of chocolate! Yay! :o) I'll scarff them down then start my diabedic diet. :o) Well....I suppose I'm done now boring who ever reads this. Probably no one. ******************************POOF**********************************


Arlene (AJ) said...

Wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day dear.

Connie said...

SWEETIE-Let the grandbabies have the chocolates-you don't need the sugar.Hubby just recently developed diabetis and it's hard-but he saw a lot of his family die of it..including his stick to it like glue.Don't worry what others think you're blogging for -it's for you not them..they can move on ...I'm sittin here with my grandsons-was to go out but hubby got called in to work--but after not working for over two weeks he couldn't turn it I got nothing..he says we'll go out later this week-but ya know........oh well after 42 years of marriage-shit happens,LOL
Hope you're having a great Valentines day I wish you the best sweet gal.

Sugar said...

still not getting your alerts....grrr.
just thought i'd drop in & say i hope you had a great valentine's.
i agree with connie's comment. {{}}

Gerry said...

I haven't been over for a few days, so I am down here reading what happened on valentine's day. I am sorry that your daughter and the grandkids had to go through this frightening fire experience, but I hope they can continue to come to your house until their nerves recover. There used to be so many bad fires in the 'old' days when we had to use candles, burn fires for heat, etc. I was petrified of fire. In fact, Lisa, I got such a fire phobia that I used to get up from each meal, excuse myself with some excuse, and go outside and see if the house was on fire, and I did this twice, and then everytime I thought of it all day. I knew I was going slightly mad, but I could not help myself until I left home. My fear of complete chaos with my drinking father might have translated to a terrible fire phobia but we used to practice in our minds how we would escape if the house caught on fire. Gerry