Thursday, January 8, 2009

~Just another day.

Good afternoon! I sure hope that everyone is doing ok today! :o) I've thanked God that nothing has changed! ....from the last that I posted. Well, actually yes it has and to the good! The sister that I've told you who could care less about me and that I've lied about my illnesses.....She came over before Christmas. We had a much needed talk and it went well. Right now, I truley need my family and shes apart of it. Shes been droping by every now and then when she has the time. She works full time and is going to collage to study health...I can't remember what its called. lol I can just remember that it's in the catagory of health. lol :o) She and my niece came over yesterday. I just cried on her shoulder. I've missed her, plus I'm alone all day and it was so nice to have an adult conversation for once. And you know the sad thing about this is? If our mom finds out that she comes over now, she will literally be pissed! Now I can have a relationship with our younger sister! You know, If I just sat down and told someone about everything about my life, (which I still want to write a book) they wouldn't believe me. Know that I'm not implying I'm more worse than everyone. Anyways, she going to come over again today! She told me that even if dh woulden't want her here, she said that she would just come when he wasn't here. WOW! How cool is that! Dh had called over to my bestfriends and said that we couldn't be friends anymore. And in my heart and soul, thats what I that she would do too. :o( It's been over a year now since I've seen her. And I never got any closuer. And thats why I guess it still hurts. Well no, it's because I'm not the one who ended! Because her and I always talked. ok, crying, moving on..... My nurse came yesterday to fill my medicine. She usually comes on Thursdays. Thats ok with me because Thursdays are my busy days. And I'm so glad that my sister will be here! :o) And I'm pretty sure that my son and my daughter and grandbabies will be here too! YAY! My family. My foot is starting to feel a bit better, and thats always good! :o) My shoulder is just killing me though. I wear my sling and I'm still having alot of deep pain. It'll pass. I'll just have to ride through it. :o) I need to go back to bed and prop it baxk up. :o) Lisa


jun said...

glad for you. i wish my only sister and i had a real relationship. it has been fake for years but now i think it is just plain dead.
i agree with you , it is unreal and unbelievable someyimes.
keep getting better dear!

Arlene (AJ) said...

Hope you and your Sis will keep mending your relationship with each other, Sis' are so important, glad you two are connecting and sharing time with each other, will be good for you dear. With all we have going on in our lives, what happened in the past that wasn't good is best left there, keep moving forward and enjoy each day. Have a question, did your daughter and families home catch fire the other day, wasn't sure from your words if their home suffered damage or not. Hope the father/daughter are doing better with treatment for their burns. You take care your way.

Amanda said...

((((((((((((LISA)))))))))))))))It is sad that Dh wont let you be with your friends ad family,yu should be able to be with who you wat to be with.Love you.

Jeannette said...

I am glad that some fences are at least mending. I have had such trouble in my family over the years, you would not believe. Hope you feel better really soon.

Arlene (AJ) said...

Lisa keep positive always, makes a world of difference. Glad you and your Sis are talking and visiting...whatever was in the past let it go and go forward and enjoy rebuilding your Sis relationship, that's more important then what was. It's a new day.

Was your daughter's home damaged during the fire in Piqua, know you said Kayden let his family know and they all got out, but never determined by your words if their home also was damaged, I pray not...just glad they were ok. Hope the father/daughter burned in their house fire are doing better.
Take care.

natalie said...

hi Lisa!
ummm hummmm
please email me again about what I had suggested for what...
the holidays have been great but tiring!:)
Hey it sounds like you've got a good thing going now with your sister!
Happy New Year!

Heather said...

Just stopping by to wish you a happy and healthy new year. I hope your foot gets better soon. I'm glad you have reconnected with your sister. Family is so important and I can see that it means a lot to you to have her back in your life.

xoxo, Heather

Chrissie said...

Glad you're getting to see your sister now and glad your foot is getting better.
Take care, Chrissie