Sunday, January 11, 2009

Good day! Am hoping that all of you are feeling fine this snowy day here! I have some good news. My foot is feeling better! CAN WE HAVE A YAY!?! :o) I'm still taping me toes together. I did take the ace bandage wrap off this morning. I'm going to put it back on because my ankles are feeling weak and they move from side to side, a away the foot isn't suppost to move. The color is still getting better too! :o) My sister and my daughter both couldn't make it over. My sister called me to let me know why, she was so exhousted and was going to bed. My daughter came over for about a half an hour with Kayden. :o) Andrew was asleep with daddy. :o) She had to go to work, and Kayden didn't want to go home. I told her to go ahead and let him stay here. I don't have to run after him and if anything ever happened, he could tell me. He and I sat in my bed and watched a movie that he wanted to see. He was absuluty perfect for me. :o) LOL....He seen a picture of me from a few years back and thought it was his moma. I got out my modeling portfolio and showed him my picuers. He would look at them and them me! :o) I told him that he could do this. :o) Nena did for awhile. Dh came home and the whole earth stood still for him to get out of my bed and to go get papa! lol :o) It's so cute! Jason came in with Jackie to do laundry. So I did get to see him! :o) And he was just here to get mucch needed toilet paper. :o) Well, I'm not able to get out here to this room very much to read and trype. For a few months now, I want to at leaast try to cook. I miss it. Yesterday, I was boiling eggs for the salads. I know it couldn't have been no more than 11 minutes! I even had the burner on 7. ALL I was doing was combing out my hair because I just washed it. Thats it! Madia came to me and When I got into the living room there was smoke everywhere! I got to the kitchen as fast as I could, but it wasn't good enough. I burned them!?! I've never done that! We had to throw the pot away because I cooked the teflon off of it too! It upset me pretty badly. When it gets down to where I can't even boil eggs, then there is nothing that I can cook anymore. I can boil the water in my tea pot. Little by little I keep loosing. I find myself having to be in my bedroom. Like now, after this, I have to go and prop my foot up in bed! I'm home bound. Unless someone takes me somewhere. Well.....thats enough...I'm not even going to play pogo! Lisa


Arlene (AJ) said...

Glad your foot is feeling better Lisa. Just take it one day at a time. So glad the boiling the eggs didn't start a fire....I hope you have smoke alarms in your house. Just be careful, know your health has brought many changes to your normal lifestyle, you just have to adjust for what you can and can't do dear. Know your area got snow, gorgeous to look at it, but not be out in it. Your Sis will get by when it is better weather, glad you got to visit with your daughter and Kayden Just be careful dear.

Maria-K. said...

Hi Lisa, Sorry I just now got around to read your entries. My PC crashed and I had to do without it for a few days. But now I am back.
So sorry to hear about your foot. I sure hope you will recover well and soon. Neat that you had a good time with Kayden. Hope your daughter and whole family can make it soon to come and visit again. You need the company. Hope the weather gets better and it will be easier for everyone to get around and visit you. Take care. Best get well wishes. Hugs,

Gerry said...

Have to be careful now days with so many aches and pains. Well, anyway always something different. Good to hear from you though and that your foot is getting better. Love that graphic. Gerry

DB said...

Aw, Lisa, if I was there I'd take you somewhere.


jun said...

everybody burns eggs.
i sure have.
glad your foot feel better.
i play pogo too every now and then i was a member for years but never won anything so i play the free games now

Maire said...

Lisa, dont worry about the hubby has been setting fires to kitchens his whole adult life, lolol from forgetting about stuff. Glad your foot is better, just take it easy! Hang in there!

Lisa said...

Lisa, glad your foot is feeling better, Love and Hugs Lisa

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