Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gooood Morning Blogger Country! How are you doing this very cold morning? We got hit with the white stuff yesterday and I'm thinking we have 6-7 inches. I've forgot to mention that I will have a day time aide, probably next week! YESSSSS! And it only took maybe 3 weeks at the most. It's dh's cousin. She's been doing this for years. Plus, I trust her and really feel comfortable with her and I won't be as shy with certain kinds of help I might need. Like bathing. And just things like that. :o) I wasn't really feeling all that well yesterday and basically stayed in bed. Madia has been more successfully taping in to my pains etc... She will come in my room and if I'm lying down, uses her nose and "checks" me. :o) Just like she will do to both of my grandkids. She watchs them like they are her pups! I'm thinking I've fallen into that catagory. But hey, she's good! :o) I still have to keep my foot up. I wish they could have just put a cast on it. It would have been much easier on me. lol Because I'm a natural when it comes to falling! lol I can do the slow motion, left side, arm not able to catch me....the same, but on the right....the trip on the carpet when there isn't anything there, not even a design in the carpet....and the free for all done in either motion! :o) lol Thats when all of my limbs wave about freely, as to not catch my landing! lol :o) They're funny to me, because I see them happening! lol I'm still keeping my distance from my stove. I'm still hoping the we can work together at getting along soon. Nena told me that it doesn't work right. Ok, isn't that somewhat important to know when you are going to cook?! :o) Be as it may, I'm not taking my chances. I have to go now. Have a good warm day! Lisa


Arlene (AJ) said...

Lisa knew you were getting the white stuff since I have friends in your area that I keep in touch. Stay stay, stay indoors and keep warm. Glad you are going to have a day time aide to help you, keep your company and it's good that it's a family member, you'll feel so much more comfortable. Sounds like Madia is watching over her Mommy, doggies know when we aren't feeling good. Just take care of yourself, have a nice day.

Jeanie said...

I'm so glad to hear that your going to get a day time aid. Wonderful news too that it will be your dh's cousin. What a relief to know that you can ask her to help you in more ways than your usual nurses who call round.
As for the snow...that's seriously deep. Nice to look at but not to go out in.
Stay comfortable and painfree if possible.
God bless
Jeanie xxx

ADM DESIGN'S said...

Glad to hear you are going to have a day time aide to help you

breakaway said...

Hi Lisa...I noticed you were a follower in one of my blogs. The blog didn't transfer over so I had to retransfer it.

I have a different blog that I update now. Here is the link to it

Thanks for visiting :D I will be coming back to visit as well.

DB said...

So Lisa, staying away from the stove is probably a good idea unless you have help. I sometimes trip and fall for no reason. It may be funny, but it's not fun. DB

Lori said...

That is wonderful that you are getting an aide and it is someone you know and are comfortable with. Madia sounds like a great asset, too! We finally got a dusting of snow here, but no where near what you got. I hope it doesn't get too bad for you guys. Take care and stay warm!

Gerry said...

That touches me that Madia is doing her part in keeping care of you. She is coming up to the occasion. Glad you are getting a helper you feel you can trust and might feel more comfortable with. Gerry

LYN said...

it's cold here for us...26F..

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