Friday, November 28, 2008


I'm hoping I'm doing this right. So if the picture above is of me and dh, then it's correct. In that picture I was anorexic. I bounced back and forth, I do keep the pictures as a reminder. Believe it or not, I'm still battling that disease! Again...I'm logging this as well. I have lost so much since the last log. I hate it! I am now in my electric wheelchair! :o( It's very hard now to be alone during the day. I'm not able to do so many thisngs like make myself something to eat, wash my hands, etc... I'm sure you get it. Thankfully I am able to get myself something to drink. So, I'm very limited now! aaawww man! This is what I don't understand here...the graphics go to the top and not where they're suppose to go. Oh well....the next one is one of our Florida vacations. Boy do we have a blast! If I had a choise on where I could live, it would be Ft. Meyers, Florida. I absolutly love it. And my body feels so much better. :o) I love this picture of my daughter! She would model as well. I loved it. She really had the natural knack for it. Again...sorry about all of the pictures at the top and not where they should be. The window at McDonalds were painted by my son and his friend! An exilant job! :o) My son called draw when he was young. There were many avenues that he could have taken. LOL.....The picture of the fish! We were camping and my son caugth a smaller fish before he snagged the bigger one, Well he was little mr. fisherman! lol All of the sudden, the fishing pole was making a fuss, and he caught this fish. After he got it pulled in, dh had to take it off, while he just backed up real slow! lol After that, he idn't want to fish while we were still camping! LOL Well I'm hoping the pictures at least come out so you can see them. :o) That is all for now. As I've said, even though I can't make it to your blog in the same day as I might have some one elses, doesnt mean that I'm not going to get to you. This stupid little game that I do know for a fact from 2 different people, that they won't go to anyone's because they didn't get to theirs. Bye


Lisa said...

Lisa, always love seeing your pictures, Love Ya Lisa

Gerry said...

I love looking at these old photos. So interesting. Sometime a photo says more than words. You were anorexic. My gosh. I am so sorry that you are limited in what you can do and must spend the day alone. I see people here who hate to give up and go to facility where they can get managed care though. Some will go it alone when they are almost 100! You are tough to get through these lonely days. I know the angels are with you, keeping you company. I think they come when they are needed. Thanks for making this lovely collage of photos. They are touching. Gerry

It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

Hoping comfort and relief finds it's way to you soon. Take care hoping your week ahead treats you well.

Connie said...

Hi sweet gal.been a while-I love seeing your photos.Hope they get you all decorated up for Christmas.

swmpgrly said...

once you get your pictures into the blog you can drag them to where you want them.