Sunday, November 30, 2008

I'm still here! :o) Thanksgiving was great. Dh ordered it from Krogers for just us. All I did was make extra dressing and that really did me in! Kayden was in the kithcen helping everyone! :o) After I ate, I had to go to bed because of being so tired. Sooo, I couldn't put my annual aluminum bikini on the turkey. lol That Turkey was already cooked. I've never seen those before. Yesterday, I wasn't able to walk. Basically this whole week, I've been wheelchair bound! Not fun! My legs were so balled up in my thighs! Ouchie! When dh came home, he asked if I wanted him to try and rub them out. I knew it was going to hurt pretty bad, but I had to have something done, so I said yes. My chair can lay all the way back. I took off my pants and had the controls in my hands so I wouldn't hit him. He just started and I'd like to have jumped out of my chair! Yikes! I screamed and cried. I'm surprised we didn't get the cops called on us. I really don't know how long it took to just to get them like they are normally! I guess It was so bad that Madia came over to me and was trying to protect me. Bless her heart. I had to pet her and let her know that mommy was alright. This morning, my legs are better. I so appreviate him doing that for me. even though it hurt, it does help. So, dh has been working over time for me. I feel so bad. I hate it enough when someone helps, buy this kind is so very different. Dh even went out to the garage and brought in all of the Christmas stuff. :o) Guess what....It's still sitting here! I always have the kids decorate it anyways, so I'm just going to wait. Dh is going to get the outside done as well. We just have whit lights on our porch and a reighndeer that moves his head.I really love to decorate and I have so many things for this holiday to put out and sit around. My son and daughter will have to do that for me as well. I would love tto go shopping. Again, how. I don't know of anyone that can take my wheelchair for me. Well.....I do pray that everyone is having a great day! I am! :o)


Amanda said...

(((((((((((((LISA)))))))))))))))))))I am glad you all had a nice Thankgiving,I have an award for you on my Blog.

natalie said...

dear Lisa,
I am so sorry that your legs gave you so much pain!
I am hoping that you are way better now!
I love the picture on your profile and blog! Is that your sister?
and who is dh?
your blog si gerat adn I lvoe your fighting spirit!
keep it up!

Gerry said...

Here to see how you are doing. Oh, I can't believe what happens to your legs but I am glad that dh's hard massage was able to give you some relief. You just have so many things to contend with now, but I am glad that your ear infection is better. Do they tell you to drink more liquids with that cough. They have always told me that with a hard cough. What an adorable baby picture. Oh and your dog is worried about you, too. That's precious. Sometimes life is such a struggle, but your courage is commendable. Gerry

Jeanie said...

I have managed to find your proper blog again Lisa. I had been clicking on the first one you made at Blogger and didn't understand how to use the link you left there. I too am confused with how to use everything. I had two of your links on my blog roll but just though I had doubled up, not realising that one was your true blog. Sheesh! One day I will get it all sorted in my mind.
Don't you worry about visiting my blog. YOu have enough on your plate these days. I am so glad to hear that you now have a wheelchair as your videos of your tour around the house when you were more mobile did worry me quite a bit at the time.
Poor you! I could just imagine the pain when your DH gave your legs that much needed massage.
Those were super photos of you and your family lower down in your entries.
Must go for now but keep up with your cheerful attitude to what life sends your way. You are a saint!
Much love
Jeanie xxx