Wednesday, November 5, 2008

...........about last night!!!

WWWWWEEEEEEE DDDDDIIIIIIIIDDDDDD IIIITTTT!!! YAY WE DID IT! :o) I fell asleep last night before I heard this great news. But it sure was nice to wake up to! :o) I just got up and called dh and he couldn't stay up either and it was great news to him as well. :o) I feel like yelling on my front porch! LOL I'm so happy about who will be in the highest seet! :o) I do know this family voted for him. :o) I better calm down. lol. I'm going to end up with a seizure are my body swelling up and passing out, LOL! I'm not suppose to get either too happy or upset....! Choose happiness! Lisa


Sugar said...

i have not received ANY of your updates. thought maybe you'd given up journaling.
i was once under the Follower Tag on your side bar, when you first started this one, but i'm not there now.
tried to enter myself but it won't let me. grrrr

Sugar said...

i'm there! i was the first one to add my name there. :)
but i'm not getting your updates on my dashboard or reader.
will try & remove my name, then add myself again to your followers tag & see if that works. grrr

Sugar said...

ok, removed myself & been trying to add my name again. but keep getting an error box...grrr.
but i'll come back later & try again.
have a great day!

Jan said...

yes It was the first thing Ichecked when Iwoke up this norning ,Hisory has been made isnt it exciting Jan xx

Rjet33 said...

I didn't get to vote in this election, as I am still registered in Colorado and missed the deadline to register here in Alabama, but had I voted it would have been straight republican. I do not like some of the things I have heard come out of President Obama's mouth but, at the same time, I do not believe in bashing the leaders of our country and will be down on my knees praying for God to give President Obama and his administration the wisdom they need to run our country for the next four years. I am happy that you are happy.



Emmi said...

I haven't received a simgle update! =(

Louise *Star Dust* said...

Go Obama!

Southern Gal said...

Hi Lisa,

I can breathe again. There is hope for all of us once again. Our economy is in dire stages,almost dead. Gas and food prices are way up. Many evenings I did without meat, because I had to. My money isn't stretching as far. I have been worried about all of us. "Yes we can!"

Chrissie said...

Thank you for the email. I had not gotten anything, but when I tried to follow it gave me an error so I may have to come back and try again. I to am happy to support Obama and will pray that he has the strength to help this country recover in the next four years. We need some kind of change. Not everyone is happy nor will they ever be, but I hope Americans united to try to make the best of things.
Take care, Chrissie

Amanda said...

(((((((((((((((LISA)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))Just wanted to come by and say Hi.I am glad the elections are over with.

jun said...

Lisa I feel just as happy as you do. lol
everywhere i went , the bank , walmart, I kept telling everybody what a glorious day it was!
I can barely believe it. I still cant believe its really true! It's like Christmas came early this year.
I live in alabama so i know what a struggle civil rights has been in my lifetime. Please keep Mr. Obama in your prayers! jun

Merry'sthoughtshopesdreamsandshemes said...

Lisa, Hi,
I am reading an old post. Everytime I go to read your Blog, all I can get is old entries. Unless you haven't posted since November. Have you? Send me your address again and maybe it will take me to more recent entries of your Blog. I hope so. I am missing hearing how you are. And I wonder & worry about you!
PS I am so sorry to say, there was no shouting from the porch here at election day or the next day. I probably took it worse than John McCain himself. I was devastated. I do pray now for our country, and our new President elect, but I don't like it. Hope he proves me wrong.