Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I don't think I'm getting this blog thing down! LOL

Ok...I'm trying for the 4th time. LOL :o) Well it has been a busy week for me that is. Heck, going to CVS to get my prescription filled, Wares me out! lol I have to go and sit down to wait then. Oh! Hey... I was walking down the soap aile, it had to be because I felt the need to sneeze! Anyways, I found a great deal on some hand soap, lotions etc... I got Sunflower! Love that aroma. :o) So, the reason I was there, ( anymore, i have to have a reason) is because I had another doctors appointment. This time they had me see the super nice doctor that I really like....Yay! Plus, Bewcause of my responce on how happy I was to see this doctor, I get to see her all the time now! :o) I don't remember if I wrote about my ears or not, but the left one I can not hear out of. It has been 5 months of me telling my mean doctor about it and she never did anything about it and it really hurt pretty bad as well. The last that I'd seen the mean doctor, she gave me ear drops for a week. Well that didn't work. For the last month and this month, I've had to have a very hot cloth situated properly to help the pains. I did get my heating pad out as well to use. It feels like something is scraping bone on bone....deep like behind my left eye. Well, the drops did help my right ear. I thought to put some in it just to make sure it doesn't feel bad. She looked at my right ear and said that one great. Then the left ear. And she sat back down and told me that I'll have to see a professional on that one because its out of her range. Now if my mean doctor would have listened to me in the first place, I wouldn't be going through this right now. But again, This too shall pass. I pretty sure I've figured out why I burn holes in my qults and other things as well. It hit me last night! I was up kind of late, around midnight, and I had a bowl of cerial in my left hand. All of the sudden I droped it all over me and my quilt! And before that, I kept droping my cigarettes when I had them in my left hand. So now I know not to use it to hold things. Oh yea, I did let my doctor know this as well. Again, this affects my left side again, but I have little mini numb spots all over my left side! I found that out when I was brushing my hair. Now that felt funny! lol The doctor said she was going to chalk it up there with my MS. Ok. My Home Health Aide is coming today. I need to call my nurse as well. She can draw my blood. So much easier that way. I sure hope this one comes out! :o) Oh....and how do you decorate these? My gosh I've seen so many beautiful ones! As always.................. Lisa


Arlene (AJ) said...

Lisa glad you got to see your "Nice Doctor" and she listens to you, can make all the world of difference. s for dropping things, smoking in bed is not a wise move especially with all the problems you have dear...what would you do if you fell asleep and a fire started, you'd be trapped....take care, keep safe. Arlene(AJ)

Gerry said...

Oh my gosh, I feel so bad because your ear problem deteriorated so badly. What kind of doctor was that? Thank goodness you have gotten one you like, but now another doctor to go to to get the ear problem seen about. I just don['t know what to think either about some of the care of someone who has as many things going wrong. Seems to have failed you quite a lot. Glad you are back to telling about your medical problems. I know you probably dont feel well enough to talk about them when you post an impersonal entry, but believe it or not, it is as a relief to catch up with just what is happening with you. I thought tomyself now how would that feel to have one hand that just didnt work and numb spots all over. Dear me! But when I know that is what is happening, I am back staying close. I felt so exhausted over the move. I know it took energy from everyone just to worry about migration, getting here, checking others out to see if they made it, so now back to the essentials. Gerry

Rjet33 said...


I noticed you are a new follower in my blog. It's always nice to make new friends. I have been having health issues as well for the past few years AND dealing with menopause. My doc thinks I could have MS and wanted to do an MRI to either confirm or rule it out last December, but I lost my job because of my inability to work a regular schedule because of my health issues and in doing so lost my insurance as well. :-( You will be in my prayers.



P.S. My Mom has had ear problems and has not been able to find a doc that can help her. She can no longer even hear out of her right hear. She said it feels like fluid build-up like would happen if you went swimming and got water in your ear.

Miss Slick One said...

Those left-side symptoms sound like a stroke. I hope they're going to check you for that. My uncle had the same thing happen last month, and he'd had one without knowing it.
Best of luck & God Speed.

Why do you have two Blogger blogs?! lol


Amanda said...

(((((((((((((LISA)))))))))))))))))))))))))I am glad you got to see a nice Doctor who will help you,thats what you need.I am sorry your ear has been hurting,I know what thats like,I have had alot of ear problems.I am wlays praying for you.