Wednesday, April 15, 2009

just another update(as if you care) and log

Ok, All day yesterday, my lungs and my heart were hurting bad. I was so weak, I was shaking. I think I logged what was wrong with me when I was admitted.They put me in another one of those rooms and I looked up to see thr room number.. There's deffintly one great thhig that came out of it. NO MORE SMOKING!!!!!!!YAY!!!! Well...thats what Im telling myself anyways. For some reason . Plus around this time I'm trally not so good. And remeber what I told the, the blue clue. That was so much fun...I'Live, Lovd..and laughg! Lisa


Gerry said...

I do hope you will be able to stick to your resolve to quit smoking. I know it is hard to quit, but it might help. I was wondering if you had posted today. Well, it is obvious you are not recovered yet, and that is going to take some time, but I hope it can take place with different medicine, breathing treatments, etc. Will be back to check on you every day now. Gerry

Sugar said...

of course we care! but most of us don't know when you make an update. you need to send out an update ea time (like private journals do) to your loyal readers, those that have been commenting lately.
sending up a prayer, a big hug to you.