Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Good afternoon, morning or evening. :o) Just making sure that I'm covering it all today. :o) I had a great time with my daughter and grandsons while they were here again. :o) Ever since that fire, all 3 of them are having problems being there (home) at night. Even the baby reacts. So they come here for the night. They stayed home last night to see if my daughter and the kids could do it and she was up all night. Their house was the next house for the fire to jump onto. I just hug them and pray to thank the Lord that he spared them and their home. I have Kayden my oldest grandson praying for thanks. Having them here, I must admit, makes me so happy. But she would rather be in her own home and I don't blame her. The kids made me laugh so hard! Those two are just so funny! lol Which helps me as well with my problems. :o) No pill can do that for me. :o) Yesterday I had a doctors appointment. It was for her to show me and teach me about being type 2 diabetic. Bummer. She put me on another medication. This one is stronger then the last one, which I'm still taking as well. I learned so much. She gave me a bag full of books and pamplets to read. She went over them with me while I was there, so I have a good idea what catigory they were on. She still gave me a check up. The swellen hasn't went down yet, and you can actually see the lumps were I've broken it! Ick! I asked if I could have it casted and with it being this long now she said no. bummer. I did this back in December right before Christmas! I told her that I've been depressed lately, and she gave me Zoloft. I've been on that one before and liked it. Then I also told her that I was a cutter. I had short sleeves on and none of my cuttings are healed yet, so I told her. I let her know that when I do cut, I DO NOT do it to try to kill myslef, just to feel better. And she understood! Wow! So I'm glad I told her. I had her look at those bite marks on the side of my face. The 2 pink ones went away and the 2 black looking ones are still there. She just told me to treat them like I would if they were like A normal looking spider bite. Then I showed her this thing I have on my right upper eyelid. It's a sty! Good grief! She said to call her if it gets worse. Oh I will. For the past week, I've noticed that I've been asking for help, and for just stuff. I'm weaker then I was. These things that happen, are a gradual way, so it's hard to realize it. Bummer. :o( I'm going to go now. Have a good one! Lisa


Gerry said...

I am glad that you have gotten to enjoy the company of your family even if it was for reason of the fire. That looked and sounded so scary judging from the photos. I can't believe some of the stuff that happens to you as if you need a stye and some spider bites, but I am glad that you are getting help with your diabetes. That should help make you feel better in ways. Gerry

Connie said...

Oh Lisa I cry for you-a cutter-like it was a normal -ok thing--oh my dear dear Lisa-please don't- I can't stand the thought of you hurting yourself--good God child you hurt enough without that..I know it may not be something you can will to control but I pray that you stop .if you were to get a bad infection they may have to amputate and with diabetis it is such a possibility.My husbands family all had sugar his grandma had her leg amputated from gangrine and she died anyway ...His momma died from it and now my husband has diabetis.It isn't anything to ask for infections to please think about NOT cutting....please please...PLEASE

Merry'sthoughtshopesdreamsandshemes said...

Lisa, I am so sorry that you have Type 11 Diabetes, just one more thing you didn't need.

Can you see a therapist? I am worried about the cutting as well as your other problems.

You are in my prayers.

Chrissie said...

I wish you could have those little boys around you all the time. You are right grandchildren are better than any pill you could take.
Take care, Chrissie