Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Good afternoon. This weather sure is having fun with my body tody! From one warm day to 17 degrees the next! A big Ouchie! I'm very happy about the new award. To me, it shows that at least someone "gets" what I write. and I thank you. :o) After yesterday...it's going to take me awhile on picking 7 more. For more than 1 reason. Who likes to be talked about behind their backs? Thats kind of why Itell like it is, because its the truth. Well you ladies have fun in doing so! :o( As if I didn't have a shit load of other things going on in my life! Stupid people! Since I've been upset learning what I did and stupid fake people talking behind my back, I'm going to bed. btw; this was going on when we had the journals. By telling the truth, I can have a clear consious and sleep at nights! Lisa


ADB said...

Ignore the people that seek to upset you. Sorry to hear you're having such cold weather, not nice. Be well.


Jeanie said...

Lisa I am so sorry to hear that that you are being talked about behind your back. That's souns very childish.
Take no notice of them and jus you carry on as usual. Don't change one lttle bit and don't let them upset you.
Sorry the cold is getting to you. It can be so painful..can't it?
I'm so glad DH is helping to massge you. That must be so good for you!
Take care of YOU!
You are always in my prayers my friend.
Congratulations on your award.
Jeanie xxx

Jeanie said...

I'm sorry to read that you are feeling unwell and that the cold is really bothering you. I hope you get to feel a wee bit better soon.
Jeanie xxx