Friday, September 11, 2009

Just talking.

First of all I want to thank Jimmy for the information. My nurse comes today, and I will show her what you wrote so she can write it down and ask my doctor for it. :o) Boy, That would be so cool to NOT itch. :o) I'm sorry that I don't have a 9-11 memorial wrote. I'll try if the computer has the strength to keep me on. I do have some good news, Nena my daugther is having a BOY!!! Yep...another boy! :o) She's going to stop now at 3 children. Whew! :o) She called me this morning and she !told me that she's ran out of boy names. lol If anyone has any suggestions, please comment them! :o) Thanks ahead of time. I'm sure you can tell that i'm down a bit. And I know that alot of you won't understand it. Believe it or not, I've been crying for 3 years over a situation that someone close to me decided to just do! _______just picked up the phone and decides to end my life long friendship! And that was that. When he catches me crying, _____tells me that ______did a favor! And ______made it look like I'm the one that was doing and saying all of the bad tings at that time. I did say some, but ______is the one that did the rest. ______was trying to "help"me! Since none of that worked, _______Thats when I heard ________pick the phone up and just say that we can't be freinds anymore! And that was it! I have no closuer,and nothing else. I realize that I shouldn't have wrote this. This is just something that I'll never get over. And talking about it helps me. This also wasn't mean't to upset anyone either. Forgive me. Lisa


ADB said...

Hi Lisa,
Long time no comment, for which I am sorry. I am also sad to see you're upset over the end of a long friendship. I don't understand people like that, must be callous and selfish. Perhaps not. By the way, check out your Facebook account. It seems it's hacked.

Connie said...

That's what your blog is get out what ever you want.
Hope you are better today.
Many hugs

Arlene (AJ) said...

Lisa, hope you are doing alright your way, has been awhile since you've posted. You are in my thoughts and prayers dear.