Monday, July 13, 2009

~Just to talk

Not sure where to start. I seem to be saying that alot lately. And some days, depression can get the better of me. bummer. I'm still taking classes on that one on how NOT to let that happen. My health isn't all that well. But, it isn't all that bad either. Today I am not feeling "right." I know that might not make any sense. It's like being in the "gray" of "ALL" of my illnesses! {exhaled} My body is very weak. it has been for about a week and a half now to where I "hAVE" to be in my wheel chair. When I get out of it to do a few things that I'm not able to do while in it, my whole body just shakes. That feels like an "almost" seizure. I know that that really isn't explaining it very well. e. Last Friday I had two doctor appointments, the dermotologist and regular one. They both went well. Whew! :o) I truly feel so blessed with all of the medical supplies that I need. I even get my over night accident pads too! Yay! I'm expecting more supplies soon as well. I'm going to need a bigger storage place for them. :o) The dermotoligist knew what was wrong with my hands and feet right away. It is what I looked up on the web. She took some cultres and scraped hands and feet. The results should be back today and she said she would call me. She gave me a script for an antibiotic. and an ointment until the tests come back. Cool with me. I really liked her alot as well. :o) So, so far everything is moving smoothly. {knocking on wood} I got to see the kids this weekend and my grandbabies! I wish they were here right now...I could use them to give me some of their lovin'. :o) I'll throw them both in my bed, and get in and then snuggle! My little snuggle bunnies! :o) I "think" I my have my computer fixed...well to the point of knowing how to get it up and running anyways. My Home Health Aide now comes everyday {5 days}. I'm not alone as much as I was. That was one thing that they really wanted to do. Cool! Me too! :o) If I have appointments she will take me so thats cool. It's at the point to were my whole body being so weak, it affects my driving at times and I never know when until I pull away! Not safe at all. I'm just so glad that I have who I have that takes care of me! :o) I feel so very blessed. :o) And that it's family makes it so much better too. And wow...I just so happened to see how much she was getting paid because I get this thing in the mail that details everything, and wow! Thats Damn GOOD money! I'm glad, becasue she works her butt off and she just deserves it. :o) Kudos to you Mandi! :o) LOL...I can barly sit up right now...I think thats a good sign that I can't ignore. :o) I hope all of you are well.


natalie said...

Dear Lisa
you know you are an angel don't you?

Gerry said...

I was glad to read this report in which you seem relatively okay, not good, but as you say in the gray area between very bad and good. I am glad you are not so alone. I am really glad you are getting some help and people showing up more to help you as I think you really need it. I am so glad you have your little snuggle bunnies to give you hugs. Gerry