Monday, March 30, 2009


Sorry about that last entry yesteryday. My finger just hit a key, then it was posted. ;o) I'm very sick. On Thursday Friday and Saterday, I was seeing triple instead of double! OMG! I know I've never been drunk enough to have that happen to me. My doctor put me on some imoxcillian {SP. It didn't work. Now I have penicillqn {SP}. We shall see! :o) We have Kayden. We are watching him while my daughter and her husband were in a wedding in Connetitc. They will be back this morning around 10 and 11:00 am. The night before last, Kayden was really having a bad time. He was to the point of being hysterical. Mt heart went to his and it just made me cry. God bless him. Dh got him to sleep. He more of a "Papas" boy and Andrew is more of a "mamaws boy." It's cute. :o) And you know, he will come in my room just to see is I'm alright! And he des[eratly wants to help me. When papa if rubbing my feet, he's rubbing my legs. Dh asked him last night if he wanted to be a doctor and he said no, I just want to help mamaw. :o) Tpp Sweet. My sister came over again on Saterday. She had me lauging! :o) I miss her so much, and adult conversations! lol She said that she was out of her medicines. I said tha I didn't. She said the way she ysed to act, Don right mean and just bitchy abd didi'nd care who she hurt.That medicine makes her not to be that way. aND SO DOES she. Which is great the she can see her past, and admitt it. :o) it happened agained! LOL


Arlene (AJ) said...

Hope you're feeling better soon Lisa. Sounds like having the grandkids is a real bright spot to your days, kids have a way of doing that. Glad your Sis was able to visit. Nice to be able to share and laugh with each other, believe that can make a big difference in getting through each day. You take care dear.,

Connie said...

Hey sweet gal-get better quick-those grandbabies need you with them to brighten their day.
Prayers n hugs