Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pictures's been awhile since I last wrote anything. My daughter has over taken it! LOL The pictures I have up are of my grandsons. Kayden is the oldest and Andrew is the youngest. The one with the cheeks! :o) Kayden is singing in one of the pictures. I finally got a kariaoki {SP} so he can sing. He still loves his drums but he's branching out into more of a musical calling. :o) Ok....I am so very serious with this. My hands and my feet are I guess what you'd say broken out. my left foot still has that stupid bedsore and now there are 2 more on the other side of my foot. I do not really know what is wrong with my hands. I do know that it isn't catchy. I have these blistures all over the both of them fill with a watery substance. After they open up, they make more. Plus they itch. I've been using 2 different creams that one of the ER doctors gave me and another my doctor gave me. Now I need to get :o)


Sugar said...

so glad you emailed your alert!!! most of us don't get yours on dashboard or reader for some reason.
what beautiful gbabies...those eyes are gorgeous!
sorry to hear about your hands & feet, what did the drs say was the problem? hope they get better soon.
enjoy your company.
have a nice sunday.

Gerry said...

Dear Lisa, I am just enchanted with these photos of your grand boys. I laughed when I saw baby Andrew taking his turn with the drumsticks. I hope you will be able to catch a video of Kayden singing. Oh and your poor hands! And feet! I don't know what to make of this. I swear the trials you are enduring are just too much, but yet you struggle on with a great heart for love. Gerry

Phil The Thrill said...

Like the pictures. Have a good Sunday.

Nancy said...

Such beautiful kids!!


Nancy : )

AGirlNexDoorCreation said...

OH..hope you get to feeling better..loved the pix...I have a white pom too...yours looks so much like you a restful weekend..Hugs,TerryAnn

Sybil said...

Morning Lisa, Hope that you are feeling better this morning and looking forward to a lovely Mothering Sunday... I spent quite a while yesterday afternoon wrapping up small bundles of daffodils to give out to all the ladies at church today. So hopefully everyone Mum's or not will have a brighter afternoon
Love Sybil xx

Shelly said...

Hey Lisa. I'm sorry you are having the trouble with your hands and feet. I wish you well. : ) Beautiful grandbabies. I'm gonna have grandbabies someday. : ) Love ya girlfriend, take care!!!

Pamela said...

Your babies are so cute! Andrew has grown up so much. Take care of yourself.

CINDY said...

glad you sent me the email alert. i've slowed down on the blogging, to rest from surgery. feeling somewhat better, but am always tired. on so many meds anymore. the grandsons are beautiful. they have grown so much. you are truely blessed with a beautiful family.

Jeanie said...

Hello Lisa!

Your grandchildren are growing up fast! They are just handsome little fellows. I bet they love playing with the karaoke. We bought one at Christmas time and our grandchildren had a whale of a time using it!
I hope you soon get relief from your rash and your bed sore on your heel.
Take care of you!
Jeanie xxxx

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