Friday, February 20, 2009

A birthday/ trying to heal

Hello, how is everyone doing? It's a beautiful sunny day here, a bit cold, 23 degree's F. It's still nice to look at for me. Wednesday evening was all about getting better. Dh wanted to talk to me. He honestly doesn't understand why I'm so upset at my son. I suppose another guy wouldn't understand. Last night he asked me how I was going to treat my son if he came over today. I told him that, that would be impossible for anyone to do. It depends on the moment and how you feel. He doesn't think that I should talk to him in a manar that would "upset" him! What? By what he did, in my book, totally let me know how much respect he has for me! NONE! And I'm suppose to be nice to him when I speak to him? And, on the other hand, it's not like I'm going to scream at him as soon as he puts his foot in the door. Good Grief! Moving on....... Today is my daughters birthday. She will be 24 now. Wow! She's my baby and I'm feeling old. I put my order in for another grandbaby! :o) All I can do is hope! :o) My son said he's not going to have kids, so I have to count on my daughter. My nurse came over to keep up on my vitals this week. Dh is now doing all of my medicines. I feel safer with him doing so. She heard a bit more congestion in my lungs. I already knew because I can feel it. but she told me to get bed rest. No, I can't do that when I have stuff in my lungs, I need to get up and walk to clear it all out. So I've been doing that. My sister was going to come over yesterday and also spend the night with me. She called to let me know that she couldn't because of my neice. I guess my sister got a call from her (shes pregnant) because something was going on and she needed to be with her. She hasn't called me yet to let me know how shes doing. On Wednesday she came over and just had me in stiches! lol She could always make me laugh! Shes a fun person. And then when my daughter is with us, lol, then I know I'm going to split a rib! lol She did tell me that the next time she'll be able to come back over is Monday or Tuesday. I'm just all over the place with the time sequince. :o) Sorry. Yesterday was kind of a blur. I took some pain pills and they kicked my butt big time! But now it is today. I know that one! lol. Dh and I think there might be something wrong with Madia. She doesn't look like she normally does at all. Its her eyes. It's hard to explain how they are. She'll be just sitting or laying down and shes panting just like she would if she just came back in from a run. :o( Nothing can happen to me girl. she makes me laugh. I need to log a bit now. On Wednesday, I was sitting out here on the computer and I had a real quick aura, then the seizure hit, and it hit me hard. When I "came" to, I was half on the floor and alittle bit on the chair. I was very shacky afterwards. I went and layed down in my bed just incase I would have another one. My arm where I got the tetanus shot in is now finally not as swollan as before. So, I'm good for another 5 years with that. I'M DONE FOR NOW. Lisa


Gerry said...

Oh oh lungs. My neighbor, Karen, who was only 51 had a heart attack from undetected diabetes. I thought she was doing fine, but she had a lot of trouble sticking to a diabetes diet. And she suddenly passed from another heart attack. I think of all you battle and you think you aren't tough, and you just keep on living! I think that is an accomplishment in and of itself, but all she had was her cat while you have inexhaustible love for grand babies, daughter, son, dh, friends, family, dog, everybody. Karen was close to her father, but otherwise she did seem so alone. One of her best friends and mine died about a year and a half a go, so I knew he would be there to greet her. He died suddenly, too, from eyelid cosmetic surgery of all things. He had other things wrong with him, but he always battled back. Karen and I laughed to think vanity may have killed him. He would have laughed, too, if he could!

Merry'sthoughtshopesdreamsandshemes said...

Lisa, I am sending you a postcard. I just got back from Hawaii. I am very sick. I have bronctitis and pneumonia plus my existing pain problems. BUT! Our trip was wonderful. I couldn't mail the card to you before as I didn't have your address! Doesn't sound like things are going too well for you. Sorry for that. I believe I could very well end up in the hosp. also. Saw Dr. Fri. Will go next week. I just wanted you to know where I have been! Sincerely,