Saturday, December 6, 2008

Giving thanks to generous people

Thank you Jeannette for you lovely Christmas card! Beautiful! :o) And For someone helping me with my "computer" ignorance. Thank you Katie! I went step by step and it worked! YAY! :o) Amanda! I loved everything! I collect magnets as well! Thank you very much! Ok, let me see it I can remember what picture is first! lol I'm thinking its Andrew, my youngest grandson. He is so adorable, just like his older brother. :o) Very onry too! He looks like his mommy too. The next one is a picture of Kayden (sideways) at the doctors. He is such a big boy. :o) My grandsons my son and daughter are and will always be my heart. I love them so much. Right now, dh is putting up a shelf in my bedroom for me to put my t.v. on. Thats really going to help so much with the stupid clutter thats in there. It's not really all that much, it just needs to be orginized. So, I thought I'd come out here and do this. :o) I always can't wait until the week ends so I can have some adult conversation. Not saying that my son and daughter aren't adults. I can't just say certain things to them. right, I'm also suppose to find some web sites for a scanner too! :o) Well, at least I remembered! So I better get moving before I lose it again! One more thing! The Vicodine has really helped my pains! No kidding! It must be a different dose. I'm done know. :o) Lisa


Amanda said...

(((((((((((((LISA)))))))))))))))))I love the pics of your Grandsons,they are so cute.I glad you got your gift,sorry it was so late getting to you.

Gerry said...

I adore those photos too. I feel such fondness for your grandchildren. Your love for them is catching!