Friday, November 14, 2008

I'm screaming can't you hear me?

I still don't know what I did to make this blog all wrong. Oh well. I guess I needed a I'm going to type what my daughter gave me, that is on a little plague. Talk about crying! Good Grief! The flood gates opened up and I couldn't stop! No kidding. She gave it to me when she was taking me home from the ER! Oh sure I told couldn't get hugs and kisses from me that way...but I told her she has to get out sometime! :o) Ok, here goes: My Perfect Mother Your heart is big Your love is pure. You want the best for me and care about everything I'm going through. You love me without condition. If I could choose anyone at all for my mom, I'd choose you. You're my perfect mother, and I love you and appreciate you more than I could ever express --Donna Fargo Whew! Ok...I need to snap out of it! It may be short, but to me, it says it all. I must have done something right. :o) My son was here when the emt's came in, and he knows all of my info. so he could tell them everything for me. If it wasn't for both of them that day, I wouldn't have went to the er. Plus my grandsons. :o) All 4 of them have my heart. :o) Unconditionally! Oh...I had my hair cut! I suppose I felt like I needed a change, and that is for me. Because I can't stand having my hair short. :o) 9 inches was cut off! Whooo! I sent it in to locks of love. :o) It was only 9 inches but it will help someone I'm sure. I have also stopped dyeing my hair. So now I have short dark brown hair with grey all through it. :o) And you know....I like it that way! :o) Because I know I've earned every one of those grey hairs! LOL I forgot to read what I wrote in my last entry so I'm not repeating myself. I will I don't why I worry about it. lol My nurse and home health aide came yesterday. My food wasn't delivered becouse the truck broke down and asked if coming today would be a problam. They are all so nice there. Plus, it's not like I'm going anywhere. :o) I told my nurse about my fall, and since we were in my room where it happen, it was easier to explaine and to show as well. And told her about the ER visit. ggggrrrr! I just found two others just this morning! My head still doesn't feel right even today. And it's very hard to explain the pains inside of my head. They still have not gone away. Still dizzy and things are still blurry/fuzzy. And I'm alone. I don't like that. But I can't do anything about that.Plus being more tired/sleepy then normal! When I was in getting my x-rays and my ct's, I asked if they could be put on a cd for me, but they didn't do it. I have 2 other cd's...and they are of 2 mri's. I can just go back and get them when I'm feeling better. Dh is going to change my rooms again for me. Then I would be alot closer to him plus more room in this one and to get around the bed better. Cool! I don't mind. I think I'll go now. I'm just a bit hungry and I need to fix myself something for my lunch. Oh Joy! lol as always......Bye! Lisa


Connie said...

Are you Okay??After Igot that e-mail -I got to thinking..are you trying to tell us something??
Love ya babes

natalie said...

dear Lisa,
what a lovely plaque! It says oodles about you wonderful talents as a mom!