Thursday, November 13, 2008

I did it yesterday.

I've about had it with these blogs! They are making me tense! Not cool! I did however go to the ER yesterday. I pushed my call button and the ambulance came to take me. You know, thats so After they got me in, they put an iv in and checked my vitals. My fever is gone, (good news) and all of them that were back there looked at my eyes. The first guy said that my eyes were not dialating and he needed the rest to see as well. To make a very long story short...I was sent home. So, what makes your eyes not dialate? I'm going to look that up. Oh...The emt dude noticed that I lean on my left side. I told him that I noticed that my head startrd doing that after the fall. He said what it meant, but I can't remember. They gave me a low dose pain releiver and sent me back home. And no, I am still the same. And yes...if you noticed a bit of sarcasm, you're right! I hurt wores becase of the x-rays and ct scan. And I feel like for nothing. I hope everyone is feeling good today. :o) I wouldn't want anyone to have the days I do. And no, I'm not at all saying that I think/feel like I'm the sickest person either. Well, I have all of you in my prayers. Lisa


Anonymous said...

Am so very sorry that you are feeling so rough,It is hard to feel others understand our pain and fears,just hope that you will feel brighter and better in yourself physically soon,blessings on you and yours

natalie said...

kind of confusing huh?
glad you got home though!
I have a friend who has fiber myalgia. her life is a roller coaster.
hugs to you

natalie said...

Lisa you might want to remove that blank part of your blog where there is no writing at the top.
It is confusing.