Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hllo Hello Hello is anybody in there.......

It's been raining and we had snow! Nothing to write home about, but my grand baby's loved it! It's nothing but a cuddly kind of day.:o) My case manager called me early yesterday. I forgot to call her about this stupid fall. I don't mean to come off crass, but there are so many people that need to be contacted and I just don't remember. She was not very happy at all that they didn't at least keep me over night. Because of falling on my head. Even though you don't have a concausion, there may be something underlying something else. That may mask something. She asked if they gave me medicine for the pain. Yes he did. Nothing that would help me in that manner at all. It's what I take for my nerves, to keep me from getting upset over a few personal things going on in my life. Just by chance, I called in a refill for my inhaler. Then I called dh to let him know that I had a pick up after work. He came home with two bags. The other one was for Prednisone. I've never been on that one before. With all of the medicines that I've been on my whole life, you'd think I would have ran across that one, but I haven't! LOL I just personaly find that kind of funny. :o) And yes it works! YAY! :o) I've had 2 perfect nights of sleep now! Just a couple more, and my mind and body should be doing great! :o) So, I have a feeling that my case manegar had something to do with the new medicines. She was pissed! And believe it or not, I still have blurred vision and can not read without my little reading glasses. I lost them and was frantic because I couldn't see! And my head still hurts. It feels like I have tight rubber bands wraped around my head. Not a cool feeling at all. Again, and like always, I'm staying in bed. Whew...when I'm up and walking around, I get dizzy, and trip. Plus, by just being in my bedroom, it's small and its a bit easier to see because of the walls are closer. When I venture out, whoa! lol So, I'm either here, my computer room or my bedroom. So.....thats all for now! Lisa


jun said...

hello Lisa, thats wonderful that you recovered from your fall1
i got prednison when i had shingles. it tasted bad and i did not like it so i did not keep taking does work for pain though.its a steroid. they say its best not to take it long term or get dependent on it. you just dont know what to expect or believe.
My shingles pain has eased up but incredibly has not gone away yet!
I cant imagine what I would do if I were you. you are so brave and you deal with the things that come along . i wish i was like that! best wishes and be well, jun

natalie said...

Thaks for following my blog!
I was one of your Aol followers!
I hope that you get well very soon!
hug tht cute grandbaby for me