Thursday, October 23, 2008

~The first thing I've actually written since the move...

Hello to everyone. I've been hiding behind jokes that I'd post. I have know idea on how to put stuff on this blog. what I do have was a shock for me that I even did it! LOL I haven't felt well. Geesh...I know, I that all I talk about! :o) This is just my life. :o) Whats shocked me is I haven't even felt like being on the computer! So now you can see how bad I felt! :o) My left ear has been hurting for a few months bow. Each time I went to my gp, see would say that both ears looked nice and cleaned. Again, as we all know...she wouldn't listen to me as I pleaded my case. That went on for a few months! I again went to see her again on Friday. My daughter took me. I was having alot of problems with my left ear. It was hurting and I can't hear out of it. This time when I told her about my ear she was going to do her great blow off on me. Not this time! After she checked both ears she was on it! She gave me some ear drops for my left ear. I told dh that theres enough that we can use for my right ear as well. My right ear is slowly but surely getting there. My left ear is a whole different story. I honesty feel that it's damaged. I can't hear out of it anymore! And she doesn't want to see me again until January! She derserves a medal! On top of all of that, my mom came over the day after yesterday. I've been trying to get ahold of her to see where see how far she was in becoming my day time care taker. I finally got ahold of my sister and had her tell mom to call me. She did and thats why she came over. Taking in alot of deep breaths; I cry when I talk about this. Ok, she came over to tell me that she has 6 weeks left to go on her test. I was excited! She told me that " It just wasn't worth the time and effort anymore." So...Ask me how that made me feel. Now I don't know who to call or anything. I did my best on not to cry, but after she said this to me, out it came. She wasn't comforting, or anything like that for me. Because of being so upset, my body was cramping up. I didn't need that happening. And of all people in my life, she would be one, NOT to get me in a way like that. I feel like I'm a few inches high, and partually deaf. She also told me that she's not going to take me to my doctors appointments anymore. We pay her to take me. So...ther goes that. I HATE PROMISES!!! I don't ever want to hear that you promise! None of them have gone through. I'm going to go lay down now. Lisa


Arlene (AJ) said...

Lisa sorry you are always going through so much with your health, medical care, assistance when you need it dear. If you need help with Doctor visits, etc. can't your daughter/son or dh help you find the right assistance or care you should be having so you aren't always having to be so stressed out. Sorry your Mom isn't going to be there for need to have daily care and if no one is willing to help out family or friend wise, give some thought to going to a healthcare facility where people will be there to help you when you need it. What made Mom change her mind. It's always something going on your way, bless you. Arlene(AJ)

Jean said...

Lisa I'm so sorry about your mom not being able to help you. I do hope you can find someone to replace her. Take care, Jean

PurpleKatz said...

Lisa I am totally sorry to hear this about all that you are going through. I know that if you are having all these issues do you have or can you get Disabilty? If so you know that Medicaid will assistant you to go to your doctor appointments and if you are bad enough you can get a nurse to come in and help with daily chores, prescription runs, grocery stores and all. You may ask how I know and the reason I know is because I have had to have them help me like that. I had to ask for the help and my stepmom is getting the same help as well.

Please know that I am here for you no matter what as I know what you are going through. I am homebound myself and have been now for almost 2 yrs now. Thank you for joining my blog. I really do appreciate it and look forward to hearing more from you again. Take care and hope you have a very blessed day and weekend.

Try not to get too stressed and all. I am here if you need me to talk to and just email me anytime. OK! God bless and many hugs and love, KAT :OD

ELLIE said...

I am so sorry lisa - call social services - make a stink - if they cannot help you - scream for them to give you some idea of who to call - don't stop - prayers are with you girlfriend

Connie said...

My lil housemouse..sending you big hugs and wish that things would go right for you for a change.Know I care sweet gal..

Gerry said...

Oh, I am so sorry that you got this disappointment from your mother, but I had a feeling that since she has not seen you very often she might not be able to go through with it. I feel so bad. I know how low you must have felt. But at least now I know why you have not posting anything about what was going on, just not feeling up to it. Life gets so hard for some. I know from seeing many people in here get to that stage. Some are able to get good care and make the transition fairly easy, but others have it very tough. I just hope and pray you can find your way through this difficult time without suffering too badly. Gerry

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