Wednesday, December 10, 2008

~Oh the weather outside is raining...

Good morning! With this rain we've been having, it hardly feels like December. But...Thats what we get for living in Ohio! LOL The first picture is of our Christmas tree. My son puts it up and puts the lights on, then he gets the top to decorate, Nena gets the middle and Kayden had the bottom to do! :o) And this is the end results! I just sat and watched. The second picture is of my new pill despencer. It will tell you that it's time to take your medicine and you push a button and out comes the medicine in little cups. If I can't hear it or forget to tell them if I have a doctors appointment, and I don't push that button, they will call everyone on my call list and call here several times. I'm pretty glad they do that. Then when I am able to get my medicine, I push the button that I have to wear 24/7 and they will start up the des[encer again for me. I really don't understand why my pictures float to the top! lol Geesh! The next picture is Kayden! He sure is growing. :o) Kayden showing his treasure map. Since he's so into pirates, I had an idea. When my kids were young, I would make them treasure maps to help me clean the house. :o) They each had their own little bucket and sponge. I made it fun for them to help me clean with out them realizing it! lol It worked! :o) I have this little treasure chest that my mom got me years ago and Kayden is just amazed that mamaw has one! :o) I made him a mail box for right when he comes in the front door so he can check to see if he got mail. I take parchment paper, make pictures and things so that its down to his level. Then I burn the edges of it! Everytime he goes to the chest, he will find something just for him. I will do the same with Andrew as well. :o) The next picture...LOL...I laugh because I was there and I know what went on! LOL I wanted to get an 8x10 of the kids and me. So we went to Olen Mills. Now my daughter is NOT a true little girl! She hates to wear dresses. She's always been a tomboy. :o) And my son dressed that way alot. No problems. Nena had to stand on a box...instant bad mood! My son seen it as something for him to do to piss her off! Well, he did. Those two were going at it! LOL And to see this picture of my sweet and inocent little angels! LOL NOT! lol The next picture is Andrew! LOL I think he looks like Heimlick (SP) from the movie Bugs Life! :o) Too cute. My daughter came over after work. A nice surprise. The next one is of my daughter. Beautiful! :o) Last but not least, me holding Andrew. :o) My little grandbabies mean the world to me. Just like my own children. I asked Nena last night if they can have another one! :o) Being a grandma is so much fun! :o) Wow! I had no idea of the time! Gotta go. :o) Have a great day, and if there are puddles out side where you live...go out and jump in them! :o) Lisa


Lisa said...

Awwwww love seeing your pictures Lisa, Lpve Ya Lisa

jun said...

enjoyed your pictures!
I lost your blog , thats why i have not been commenting. but i did not forget about you! I hope you and yours have a blessed and happy holiday season. and we are having a lot of rain here in alabama too! jun

Gerry said...

The pictures are just great. I haven't seen one of the grandboys for a while and I was so glad to see photos of them both. I laughed at the thought of Kayden decorating his part of the tree. I am sure Andrew will just love it when he can, too! You sound pretty cheerful, well I know the grandkids are the best medicine in the world for you!

Chrissie said...

I lost you and now I found you again. Thanks for the card one is on the way to you. The boys are getting so big. I don't blame you I'd love another one too. You got one more than me. Kyan tells me we don't need a baby.
Pics always load on the top here backwards. Then you have to click on it and move them where you want them. That's what I do anyway.
That's cute. Kyan likes pirates and capes.
Take care, Chrissie

Maire said...

Hiya! love the pics! My dr gave me vicodine for the post op pain, plus now I'm on a million others for the intestinal problem, ack! But, makes me function. I take Trileptal for my restless legs, works wonders. I hope that you have a great holiday season; many wishes for good days ahead! Maire

Jeanie said...

What lovely photos Lisa. Your grandsons are handsome little fellows!
Your christmas tree is beautiful. We still have to put ours up.

I could do with a pill dispenser like yours. I had to come back downstairs to take my night time ones last night as I had forgotten to take them. I have high blood pressure. Oops! I'm getting old. Lol!
I will swap our snow and ice for your rain...I don't like ice and snow to drive around on.
As for the pictures floating to the top? I was frustratd by that but some of my readaers said all I have to do is drag them to where I want them when I am in edit. Hope this works for you as I have yet to try it.Hgs
Jeanie xxxxx